What Is A Mattress In A Box And Why People Are Obsessed With It

What Is A Mattress In A Box And Why People Are Obsessed With It
The Noa Mattress unboxing alongside the Sunset Bed Frame

You might even find yourself wondering if there’s any way to get rid of your old mattress without having to lug it down five flights of stairs. 

The answer is YES – enter the mattress in a box! This fantastic option provides customers with an easy shipping option, a free 120 night trial period, hybrid spring & memory foam construction, and more! Keep reading for all the details.

If you’re thinking, “why would I order my new bed from a brand online?” – don’t worry, we’ve got some reasons why it’s worth leaping:

What is a mattress in a box?

A Mattress in a box is a concept that brings the mattress to your doorstep, just as it is. This means no hassle of dealing with the bulky, heavy product- or hauling it up to five flights of stairs. Instead, the mattress arrives compressed and vacuum-sealed, ready for use in just a few minutes. 

How Does This Work?

Most of these mattresses are made from memory foam. The manufacturer, with compression technology, can reduce the size to make it fit into a box – making it easy and convenient for delivery. At Noa Home, our mattresses include both memory foam, and pocket springs – for the best of both worlds.

5 Reasons to buy Mattress in a box:

The deal on the next mattress you’re looking for is here! Here are five reasons to go for it.

Cost Savings:

The main benefit of buying a mattress in a box is that it’s extremely cost-effective. Of course, the prices are already significantly lower than the average price of an equivalent bed, but what people love about this option even more is how much money they can save on shipping costs!

Simple Ordering:

Easily navigate through the sizes that fit your bedframe, and then compare across three quality mattresses to determine which works best for you. That’s it. No annoying sales people trying to upsell you, no delivery fees or bulky move-in issues await. Order, receive, unpack, and sleep well!


For people who are on the go or have very busy schedules, ordering and receiving your mattress in a box is very convenient. There’s no long-term commitment, either – you have the option to return your bed for free within 120 nights if it doesn’t work out!

Hybrid Spring & Memory Foam:

The use of hybrid spring and memory foam makes this bed an incredible value at any price point, but especially so at the price of a mattress in a box! In addition, memory foam has been shown to have many health benefits, including reducing back pain and offering relief for arthritis.

Free Trial:

Finally, people are obsessed our mattresses because of our free 120 night trial period. This means you can take your time testing out your new bed and trying it out without any risk to your wallet!

Unboxing a mattress from Noa Home is as easy as 1-2-3!

Final Words:

If you’re looking for a way to eliminate the hassle of buying, transporting, and storing your mattress at home, then it’s time to take advantage of one of our three high quality sleep options – The Lite, Noa or Luxe Mattress In A Box. 

Our team is ready to help answer any questions or address any concerns before making this significant purchase. So let us know how we can be helpful!