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Bedding care

How to care for your luxury bed linens.

Crafted by a world-class manufacturer in Portugal established in 1921, our bed linens feature phenomenal quality and excellent value. To help ensure that you fully enjoy your bedding as it was conceived for use, please follow these clean and care guidelines carefully.

Questions or concerns? Call us at +1 (855) 955-4415 or email us at [email protected] for more information on how to care for your bedding products.

Washing bed linens

Bed linens should be laundered on a weekly basis. To keep them looking and feeling their best, machine wash with similar products – same colour and fabric type – on cold (no more than 40 degrees) with a gentle cycle. Avoid harsh liquids, powdered detergents and products containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids. Do not bleach.


IMPORTANT. Proper drying of fine bed linens will not only preserve the product’s fibers and colour, but also minimize shrinkage and creases. We highly recommend line drying – this is the surest way to care for such delicate products. When using a machine dryer, make sure to tumble dry on low heat on a very short cycle. Avoid fabric softeners. Do not over dry – shrinkage may occur.


Line drying our bed linens will inherently help facilicate ironing and reduce creasing. We recommend using a steam iron on your bed linens while slightly damp on a delicate setting.

Quilts and pillows

For best results, we recommend having quilts and pillows cleaned by a commercial specialist. While you may technically do so using your residential machine, results are highly variable. To care for these products at home, we recommend to hand wash separately (do not soak) and line dry in the shade (consistently turning) until dried thoroughly.


IMPORTANT. Pure, fine cottons (100%) may potentially shrink when washed – just as they do with clothing. This is an inherent property of this type of yarn. To avoid excessive shrinkage, and as mentioned above, we highly recommend line drying – space permitting. Avoid hot water when washing, warm machine drying temperatures or lengthy machine drying cycles. Doing so will result in excessive shrinkage.