Are Online Mattresses Worth It?

Purchasing your mattress online is definitely worth it and here is why! 

Buying a mattress is quite an investment. It should provide you with proper comfort and wellness for the many years to come, helping you get your 8 hours of sleep without distraction and live a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to be able to look at the different options and analyze every mattress property closely, while saving time and money.

Mattress Comparison

Online shopping allows people to easily click from site to site to learn more about beds that catch their eye. In contrast, comparison shopping at actual locations means hours spent driving around from one store to the next. Comparison shopping when you buy a mattress online is not only faster, but also provides you much more information.  If you want to compare all the existing retailers without spending a fortune on gas, you can.

Convenience & Versatility 

It may be difficult to find time to go shopping during business hours.  Now, consumers can simply sit down at their computer in the privacy of their homes and take as much time as they need looking for their perfect mattress. No need to drive across town to a retailer showroom when you buy a mattress online. Instead, you can shop on your time and on your own terms. If you want to take days or weeks to decide, you can.

Less Pressure

When you shop in-store, you often have a sales person giving you the briefing of why you should upgrade to a bigger, better mattress or trying to guide you towards the latest trendy product. Many people are also uncomfortable lying on beds in stores, especially with a certain virus going on right now. However, if you need help, retailer websites generally do have an option for chatting with a salesperson, but it is up to you to initiate that conversation. Some offer a free one-on-one virtual consultation where you can schedule a free 1-on-1 live video or phone consultation with our experts to:

  • Learn more about the product.
  • Help you create your dream space.
  • Mix and match styles, colours and fabrics.
  • And much more.

Extra Information

When you go to a retail showroom or a physical store, you will find salespeople to provide you with information. The downside is that they may only provide you details about their own brands only. When you buy a mattress online, you can browse countless makes, sizes and styles, analyzing them in detail to see which ones you are most interested in. So many reliable resources are available to inform you on the different fabrics and materials used in the mattress industry. Consumer review platforms and social media also provide an insight into what real shoppers have to say about their experience with the product.  

Better Return Policies 

Internet retailers are aware that you were not able to thoroughly examine the bed before purchase and generally want to mitigate this concern and make the purchase feel like less of a risk. Whereas many brick and mortar stores offer only a few days or weeks for returns, it is the norm for online retailers to offer about 120 Night Trial depending on the mattress type. This can be very helpful when deciding if a particular mattress is right for you, as you can see how it fares over several nights instead of just minutes.

Better Prices

Online prices are generally significantly lower than local stores. The reasons for this include high retail markups, less overhead and more online competition. On top of their already reduced prices, websites tend to offer frequent sales and promotions and some will also price-match to overcome their competitors.

Diversified Selection

While some consumers may think they will have a better chance of picking a good bed if they go to a showroom, the truth is the selection is often very limited due to size, cost and brand constraints. Typically, retailers only offer a few brands and only a few models you can actually test out. When you buy a mattress online, you can view countless beds and better research the ones that you think meet your specific needs. What’s more, many specialty mattress brands of latex, memory foam and waterbeds can only be found online and are not available in stores.

All of these indicate that when people buy a mattress online using critical thinking and careful comparisons rather than a test drive that they will be more satisfied. 

Save time and avoid line-ups by shopping online, in the comfort of your own home.