Where To Buy A Sectional Sofa? Pick The Right Couch For You!

A sectional sofa is a very modern type of couch. It comes as a unit, but it is composed of two or more pieces. They can be fixed or modular. 

The first means they have only one configuration. The second, however, can be combined in many different ways, adding versatility to it. They can combine up to 6 pieces in some models.

If you are in the pursuit of a sectional sofa (aka corner sofa, aka lounge), you can stop now! We have broken down all you need to know about choosing a sectional couch. Keep reading!

Pacific sectional video

How to Choose a Sectional Sofa

Some things to consider when choosing your sectional are:


First, consider how much you want/can spend. Stationary sectionals, for example, may be more affordable than reclining models. 

The larger the size, the greater the price. Material can contribute a lot to the price range too. But you can also think about how much you can save on armchairs by choosing a large sofa.

Size and Shape

Take into account the shape and size of the room. It is crucial to analyze where the couch will be and how it will work besides the other furniture close to it. 

The chaise, for instance, has to be on a spot where it is easy to walk around it. Ensure to not block any architectural features like windows and fireplaces too. 

Also, consider if you want a left-facing, right-facing, or modular model. Of course, this can depend on the size and shape of your room too. 

Sectional’s Function

Think about the sectional function as well. Do you want it to be next to the kitchen or the TV? How many people will use it? Are you going to spend a lot of time on it? 

Sectional’s Color, Style, and Coordination

The color, the style, and the coordination with other furniture and architect details of the room can really make a difference. 

So plan according to your vision for the design of the room. This kind of sofa can really change the whole layout of the room, so planning ahead is essential. 

Noa’s Sectional Sofas

Now that you have learned more about sectional couches, check some of our most popular models!


Flow, as the name suggests, provides many different configuration options. For example, it can be left or right sectional to an XL sofa. 

Made for lounging, it offers generous seat and back cushions. This model also has a moderately deep seat cushion and a modern design. 


The pacific has a minimalistic silhouette with broad arms. Modular components allow for arranging and rearranging the sofa. 

And if you are looking for comfort, the couch has a supportive comfort structure, tight seat, and back cushions that guarantee this. 

Pacific sectional - cream

All our sofas are expertly crafted from premium, hand-selected materials to provide long-lasting comfort. You can even get free fabric swatches to choose the right colour and fabric for your sofa.

If you want to check other designs, visit our sectional sofas section, or book a free consultation to get more guidance!