The Right Time To Change Your Mattress: What To Consider

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A good night’s sleep is essential for anyone’s health. To achieve this, in addition to a healthy routine, it is crucial to have a comfortable environment at bedtime. 

Some factors are essential in this process, but sometimes we don’t even think about them. A clear example is our mattresses. Have you ever considered when it is time to change your mattress?

A mattress can usually last 6 to 10 years of use under normal conditions before needing to be replaced. However, situations such as damage and misuse can affect its shelf life.

And if you are wondering what you should consider when evaluating the right time to change your mattress, you came to the right place! 

Stay tuned to check our golden tips on how often you should change your mattress! 

Signs that show maybe it’s time to change your mattress

First, check some signs that indicate the lifespan of your mattress is coming to an end. If any of the reasons below fits your situation, maybe it’s time for a change:

  • You have had the same mattress for over 6 years;
  • You started to have problems sleeping because of your mattress;
  • There is damage on specific areas, or it is visible saggy;
  • Suddenly it is making more noise than it should be;
  • You’re getting more allergies than usual;
  • You usually wake up with muscle or joint stiffness;
  • The shape of the mattress has become asymmetrical;
  • Your mattress feels different from when you purchased, like softer or harder;
  • You can see imprints in the memory foam;
  • The mattress seems to have lost its ability to reduce motion transfer.

The durability of different types of mattresses

We mentioned before that you should change your mattress after a certain period. However, different types of matters can also vary in durability. 

So, check here some of the most common mattress’ styles to give you a better perspective of your situation:

  • Hybrid mattresses: usually last around 7 to 10 years or even longer. However, we recommend you change to a new one after 10 years. 
  • Memory foam: we suggest routinely rotating this kind of mattress. The material is generally thick and supportive and can last for 10 to 15 years.
  • Innerspring: this kind of mattress can have a shorter lifespan than the others mentioned. Something around five and a half years. But if you keep it clean and turn it over regularly, it can last for about a decade. 
  • Latex: latex mattresses can last for a long time, especially if you purchase organic or natural latex. This type of mattress can stay with you for more than 25 years.
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Golden Tips to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Improving the lifespan of your mattress can be simple if you follow some care practices, like: 

  • Use a mattress protector. It can really help protect it from dirt, dust, and stains. You can even have a waterproof mattress protector to get an extra layer of protection.
  • Turn your mattress off every now and then. You can do that every 3 to 6 months. This way, both sides can be equally worn.
  • Clean your mattress correctly. You can check this practical guide on how to clean your mattress here
  • Try to keep your room clean, including bed furniture. Vacuum to minimize the dust and avoid allergies. You can also reduce moisture and dust by getting air from your windows. 

Did you identify some of the signs it is time to change your mattress? And since you are on the hunt for a new mattress, check our best-selling models now!