The best time to buy a sofa: when is it?

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If you have a tight budget or want to get the best prices on a new couch, learning when is the best time to buy a sofa can be helpful.

Many people don’t know, but there are some periods of the year when you can find the best deals regarding furniture in general, including sofas for sale.

If you want to strike a good deal on your next couch purchase, keep reading and get all the ins and outs of the best time to buy a new sofa!

Do you really need a new sofa?

Before buying a new sofa, it is essential to consider the signs that show you need a new couch. Then, combine this with the best time of the year, and you have an excellent deal.

To identify if you need a new sofa, check some factors like:

  • The condition of the upholstery;
  • If your taste has changed and you feel like you need to renovate your space;
  • If the sofa is too old and not comfortable anymore (they usually last between 10 to 15 years);
  • If your couch smells.

There are other signs to look for. However, this will be enough to tell you you need to go shopping for a new couch.

Now, you just have to find the best period to make your purchase. Check in the following topic when is the ideal time to buy a new sofa!

Best periods of the year to buy a new couch

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When it comes to buying new furniture in general, there are some specific periods of the year when the prices are better, and you can find good deals.

However, this will depend on the type of furniture you want to buy. Here, as you can see, we are addressing sofas.

The end of the summer and winter

The best time to buy a sofa or indoor furniture, in general, is at the end of the summer and winter seasons. 

That is because stores usually launch new collections in the fall and spring seasons. And since they have to handle the remaining furniture of the last seasons, you might strike good deals as retailers tend to make sales on these periods, both online or in-store.

Holiday periods

Since the holidays are great for retailers to do promotions, this is another time to find a good deal on a new sofa.

Usually, holiday weekend periods like Black Friday and Labour Day, for example, are excellent opportunities to find sofas for sale.

In both cases, you can find good discounts and sales that can help you save up to 60% on your purchases. 

To make your search even better, remember to stay tuned to the stores you are looking for to buy your new sofa. Signing up for the newsletter is always a great way of ensuring you’re up-to-date on sales and exclusive member discounts.

Often checking their pages, looking for discounts, signing up for their newsletters, and seeking sales in these periods can really help you get your brand new sofa at the best prices!

Now you know the best time to buy a sofa. But if you want to start your search right away, be sure to check our best sofas for sale by clicking here!