How To Clean Fabric Sofas: Guide To A Brand New-Looking Couch

For your sofa to last longer, it is essential to clean it regularly. However, many people find it hard to do this for fabric couches. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! We’ve gathered an easy guide on how to clean fabric sofas to help you out.

Whether it’s fear of ruining the sofa or due to an unexpected accident, cleaning a couch like this can seem challenging. But the truth is, you can use several techniques. 

Keep reading the article, and check this easy and helpful guide!

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Some General Advice

If you want to keep your fabric sofa cleaned, we recommend dry cleaning it every two to three days. However, to deep clean your fabric sofa, it’s better to do it every four to six weeks. 

If you are scared you may ruin your couch, an excellent way to practice is to run a pre-test. 

First, choose a small hidden area of the sofa to start. Then, if everything goes right, you can use the same technique on the whole couch. Here we have some methods you can try, but before that, you must learn more about the sofas cleaning codes.

Fabric Sofas Cleaning Codes

Every sofa has a cleaning code. It can be W, S, W/S, and X. This is really important to determine the cleaning process the couch can take without being damaged. 

  1. W: Water-based cleaning: those are very simple to clean. Just take care not to over-wetting the couch.
  2. S: Solvent-based cleaning: besides the solvent-based, you can also clean fabric sofas with dry cleaning products. Be careful to keep the room well-ventilated and stay away from open flames. 
  3. W/S: Water or solvent-based cleaning: just need to clean a spot? Try mild dry cleaning solvent, mild detergent, or even shampoo. 
  4. X: Vacuuming or light brushing only: they can be tough to maintain, so be very careful to keep them clean. 

Fabric Sofas Cleaning Methods

Now, let’s get to the action with your fabric sofa cleaning process. Check some ways to clean your couch!

Removing Odors

For removing smell from the fabric, you can use baking soda and dry carpet cleaner. Follow the steps:

  • First, eliminate any kind of crumbs from your couch’s surface. 
  • Now, sprinkle the whole furniture with baking soda. Then, just leave it sitting for at least 20 minutes. 
  • After that, using a brush attachment, vacuum the couch. 
  • Later you can use a dry carpet cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Just leave it there for 20 minutes too. If it still has a smell, you can steam clean it.

Using a Steamer

For steamer cleaning, begin by vacuuming your sofa. Make sure to keep the air circulating. This helps to prevent residue and moisture from building up. 

Remember the test area? Start there! Also, it is crucial to notice that even if your sofa is waterproof doesn’t mean it can be totally wet. So be careful with that. 

After using the steamer, let the couch air dry. The furniture might need to dry overnight. So don’t sit on it, and keep the windows open. 

When the sofa is completely dry, you can vacuum again. Make sure that it is all clean. Don’t forget to check the manual to ensure to use the steamer correctly.

Brush Cleaning

A brush can help you remove dirt or crumbs. For dried-on spots, you can use a stiff one. If your couch has a light colour, you should use a white cloth.

To keep your fabric sofa clean, regularly vacuuming it can really help. Also, consider using fabric protection products for your couch. Finally, if any accidents happen, be sure to clean it right away!

And if you enjoyed these tips and want to get updates on sofa-related topics, make sure to keep checking our blog!