How to Choose Your Sofa

Flow sectional sofa in charcoal in room
The Flow sectional sofa is the modern & modular answer to your home decor problems.

Your living room’s focal point should be none other than the sofa, which highlights your lifestyle, and of course, your personality. Most of us probably spend more time on our sofa than we’d like to admit, whether it be lounging around, snuggling up with the latest read, or conversing with friends over freshly brewed coffee. Choosing the appropriate sofa to meet your needs, style and budget shouldn’t be a dreaded task, but a pleasant and rewarding experience, it’s quite an important investment after all.

Measure up.

Choosing the appropriate size for your sofa will ensure that your carefully designed space remains both appealing and functional for you, your family and your guests. 

It’s all about proportion: avoid cluttering your living space with an oversized sofa. Maintain an airy flow by choosing a sofa that fits just right, with a length that is smaller than the wall resting behind it. Allow for comfortable seating with sufficient leg room and easy access to your favourite magazine or warm cup of tea, by ensuring a minimum of 18” between your sofa and accent table.

Also remember to consider how you’ll get your sofa into the room by making sure it’ll fit through any access elevators, staircases, hallways or doorways. You wouldn’t want any last minute surprises!

Staying neutral never felt better.

Noa sofas are offered in rich creme or sharp charcoal shades, allowing you to decide if you want to go with a light or dark sofa for your living space. Going with a neutral colored sofa allows you to easily introduce a pop of color to your decor with accent pillows and a multitude of accessories, providing a pulled-together look. It also gives you the opportunity to easily change these accents with the seasons, or better yet, your mood.

Dark coloured sofas create a feel-good, comfy atmosphere. They truly stand out when placed against light coloured walls and light floor surfaces, whether flooring or a rug. We also recommend placing a dark coloured sofa away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of the fabric.

Light coloured sofas add brightness to any room and take center stage when placed atop a dark flooring or rug. No need to worry about your preference for wall colours because a light sofa will blend well with light, bright or dark walls.

Most shoppers will base their choice between a light or dark sofa on its intended purpose, steering clear from light colours for everyday use to avoid the sight of stains and messes. That’s exactly where our LiveSmart fabric comes in to save the day! Thanks to its incredible features, you can choose the shade that you actually prefer, rather than the more convenient one.

Pacific sectional - cream
Lounge in style with the versatile Pacific Sectional Sofa with Ottoman. Reconfigure and move each module as you wish to create different looks all year long.

In style and fully functional.

Opt for a sofa that complements your style and personality, all while keeping its intended purpose in mind. Sectional sofas provide added flexibility, which comes in handy for families or notorious hosts, while singles or young couples may prefer a 3-seater sofa and an armchair or two.

Go with the flow with our Flow modular sectional sofa, which offers endless configuration possibilities and the choice of armrests or none. The Flow’s scatter back cushions are so comfy, your guests will never want to leave your living room. The best part – its simple, but never boring, modern design lends itself to almost any decor.

Take a trip on the wild side with our Madison sectional sofa, which offers a reversible seat cushion and a stand alone ottoman which can be used on either side of the sofa. Spacious yet practical for smaller spaces, the Madison sectional is affordable luxury, showcasing beautiful tufted backrest cushions, tapered wooden legs and overall clean lines.

Get on trend with our Soho 3-seater sofa and armchair collection, allowing you to add as much seating as your space will allow. The Soho sofa is anything but fabulous, where modern meets mid-century design, featuring a spacious tufted bench seat, plush backrest cushions, luxurious piping details and a set of bolster cushions.

Noa Home proudly offers a selection of sofas that checks all the boxes, it’s now up to you to choose which one is right for you!