Guide to Buying the Perfect Mattress

Nobody likes to wake up with a stiff neck and back pains that ruin the mood for the day. Most of the time, the blame can be placed squarely on the mattress. It is time to replace your mattress if you are a victim of an old sunken mattress doing you no good. However, the process of choosing a mattress can be daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

We are making this process easy for you by doing all the heavy lifting to find a mattress that suits your lifestyle and needs. With the help of this guideline, our bed in a box will land at your doorstep without you running around in shops. 

When choosing a mattress, some factors that should not be overlooked are as follows.

Budget Friendly

The Noa Mattress - Lite
The Lite Mattress is the perfect introduction to our signature design, at an affordable price.

Mattresses can be expensive, and before jumping into the technical stuff, it is important to decide how much one is willing to spend. At Noa Home, we respect your choices and have designed options that won’t compromise on comfort at an affordable price. You will be wowed at the features of our ‘Lite’ mattress. This is not your traditional spring mattress, the one that creeks and bounces all the time. Instead, this memory gel foam has a cooling effect, and its pocket springs allow heat transfer creating a relaxing sleep environment. This is a perfect option for people living in warm areas because they won’t have to wake up sweating in the middle of the night. 

Back Support And Pain Relief

The Noa Mattress
Our best-selling Noa Mattress combines comforting memory foam, and supportive pocket springs

For some people, comfort broadens to a mattress that provides support to their backs and releases stress. Our best-seller, ‘The Noa Mattress,’ is a perfect choice for that. This hybrid mattress gives you a taste of luxury at a very competitive price. Along with the cooling memory gel, these have latex which is perfect for contouring. This mattress molds to your body shape, relieving pressure points to reduce muscle pains that may occur due to sleeping in a certain position. It reduces stress in different parts of the body like the hip and shoulder, ensuring you a rejuvenating night of sleep. 

Luxury Over Everything

Noa luxe mattress
The Luxe Mattress provides the ultimate in comfort and support, blending the latest in luxurious materials.

Now, if you crave luxuriously cozy and snug sleep and are looking for a top-of-the-line mattress to invest in, we have got you covered. ‘The Luxe’ beats all in terms of the finest material it is made of, with supportive pocket springs. This plush mattress is designed with layers of different materials, providing the ultimate comfort. In addition, this hybrid mattress has micro-coils that are excellent for motion isolation. People who share a bed and are often awakened due to the tossing and turning of the other person will love this one as it reduces movements exponentially. 

Now that you have the information needed, head over to our Mattress section, and choose the Compare Our Mattress page and see which one suits your liking. We provide free & fast delivery and a stress-free 120-night trial along with a refund and exchange in case you change your mind. So shop online, and we promise to provide you only the finest in experience.