The 5 Best Sofas for 2022

Searching for a new couch can be a big deal. You have to consider many aspects before deciding on the right one. For example, the type of material, the colours, the model, the level of comfort, etc. 

Since you are on the hunt, the new year coming can be the perfect moment to set on your new couch. That’s why we’ve gathered a list with some of the best sofas models for 2022.

Keep reading and check out our picks!

The Pacific Modular Sectional

Pacific sectional sofa

Looking for a modular sectional to call it yours in 2022? The Pacific Modular Sectional is one of our best-seller models.

One of its best features is the possibility of arranging and rearranging it in the way you like and need. This is possible because of its modular components. 

Besides, the Pacific Modular Sectional is made on 100% polyester fabric, has a minimalistic style with a casual vibe and an outstanding firmness level, guaranteeing support when sitting.

The Flow Sectional Sofa

Flow sectional - Charcoal

Do you want another sectional option with supreme comfort as its synonym? Then, you can count on the Flow model!

This modern, versatile, made-for lounging, and cozy sectional sofa fits both small and large spaces and is also made of 100% polyester fabric.

The Flow has three modular pieces with two corners, one chair piece, and high-gauge, sinuous springs to provide cushion support.

The Kennedy Leather Sofa

If you already have a fabric model and want to go for a change, the Kennedy Leather sofa can be a good choice.

Its sophisticated look and outstanding comfort are some of the best features of this couch. In addition, if you want a total sink-in comfort experience, the Kennedy can provide you with that.

This model is also expertly hand-crafted in the USA and goes through an eco-friendly production. One of our best-sellers!

The Hudson Sofa

The Hudson sofa is another fabric couch great option. It is blended with polyester and nylon, hand-crafted in the USA, and has a minimalistic design that makes the whole room elegant. 

It offers both the sofa and the sectional versions. Its sitting experience combines proper support while also offering deep comfort. This model can fit three people or even four sitting comfortably.

The Soho Sofa

Mid-century modern sofa - noa soho sofa

The Soho couch can be found in both velvet and polyester materials. It displays a mid-century vibe while also being extremely modern.

One of the best on cost-effectiveness, the Soho is also very comfortable and perfect in its proportions. 

The Soho sits three people comfortably and fits all kinds of home decor settings because of its classic yet modern appearance.

Ready to take action? Now you know some of the best sofa models available and how to start your new year fresh with a charming and comfortable sofa. 

And in case you’ve been wondering, yes, we offer free fabric swatches so you can be 100% sure about your next couch! 

But if you still want to check other options, click here and browse through our sofas section!