Mixing and Matching Pillows: How To Make The Best Picks For a Sofa

Mixing and matching cushions can really make a difference in your living room or any space in your house where you have a sofa. However, it is not always easy to make good picks if you have no idea where to start.

But worry no more! In this article, get the best tips for mixing and matching pillows on a sofa and give your living room a treat like a pro interior designer. Check it out!

It’s all about the colours

Colours tell stories, and with throw pillows is no different! So, selecting different colours that already are part of your room is a great way to start mixing and matching pillows.

Choose at least three colours in your room’s colour scheme, and remember that they don’t have to coordinate completely. You can be bold. Just make sure it makes sense with the rest of the room.

The Eden Cushions in Grey and Cream

Add a few patterns

Just like colours, you must add a few patterns in your throw pillow mixing and matching process.

But when thinking about patterns, you have to consider sizes and their connection with your color theme. So, no. You don’t need to have prints that match entirely. However, they need to have some kind of harmony.

So, if your first pattern is a bigger one, be sure that you have a medium and a small pattern too. This way, you can mix and match pillows more harmonically and yet, boldly.

Think about textures

You can also play with textures when mixing and matching pillows for a sofa.

Thinking about textures can help you create a unique atmosphere in the room. That means that although you chose some patterns, you can still mix and match textures to make your throw pillows more you.

So, don’t be afraid to add a velvet cushion, along with other synthetic fabrics that you think might go well together. Experiment and see which better transmits the message you want to communicate!

Sizes and shapes matter!

Colours, patterns, and texture are essential factors. However, sizes and shapes matter a lot when mixing and matching throw pillows.

So, playing with these two elements can also help you pick throw pillows that are more flowable and give the room a nicer look.

Be free to pick different sizes and shapes, but remember to keep it cohesive too. You don’t want the aesthetic to look messy. 

Don’t put big cushions all over your couch. Instead, pick, for example, two large pillows and a smaller one with a different shape. You can be creative and bring an organic look at the same time.

Numbers also matter!

Pacific sectional - cream

The number of throw pillows you choose also communicates a message. So, considering your goals when mixing and matching pillows is key. 

Picking an even number of pillows can convey a more conventional ambiance. On the other hand, an odd amount can transmit a more fashionable and easygoing vibe.

With these tips, mixing and matching pillows for a sofa has never been so easy. Now you can decorate your couch and add a personal touch with a blend of professional design!

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