Why are there so many online mattress brands?

Spring + foam

In recent years, a significant number of mattress startups have emerged online as they advertise free delivery, product trials and convenient return policies. These companies seemingly are all selling what would appear to be nearly identical products.

Why have so many sleep startups appeared, how are they different from traditional mattress retailers and most importantly, what makes Noa Home so uniquely different?

The concept

Consumers around the world have overwhelmingly expressed their support for brands that have reimagined an overly complicated and overpriced shopping experience.

Traditional mattress retailers historical have (and continue to) relied on confusing consumers with far too many choices and deceptive pricing. They rely on expensive showrooms, pushy commissioned sales associates and large dealer markups from international brands such as Sealy, Serta and others.

Disruptive startups in this space discovered that it was possible to provide equal or superior quality products at a fraction of the price by reimagining the entire value chain. Skip costly showrooms, engineer a mattress that can be packaged in a “how did you do that” carton box, deliver for free, offer a 120 night trial period and easy returns. Consumers have taken notice of this far more enjoyable shopping experience as this trend sees no end in sight.

The difference

Why do so many sleep startups look nearly identical? Well, because truthfully they are (except for NOA of course). Manufacturing compressed foam-only mattresses is exceptionally easy. For this reason alone, many competitors have sprung up during the past few years.

However, and despite marketing gimmicks that say otherwise, foam-only mattresses sleep rather hot by retaining your body heat, provide inferior support by creating a sink-like sleep experience and finally offer less durability over the lifespan of the product.

The Move-in bundle

Meet Noa

Did you know that the large majority of consumers worldwide prefer mattresses which, among other materials such as latex and foam, are composed of pocket springs? It’s no surprise that some of the highest rated mattresses from international brands and leading hotels are often hybrids – a premium form factor that combines the best of both comfort and support layers and easily meets the sleep preferences of far more people.

The challenge for our R&D team in Canada was to engineer one of the world’s first, premium and affordable hybrid mattresses that could be packaged neatly into a conveniently sized box. During the course of over 1 year, we experimented, perfected and launched not only a universally comfortable mattress but a premium hybrid unlike any other sleep startup competitor. Today, we’re proud to have become a leader in this new space by developing an innovative product unlike so many copycat brands.

We believe that everyone, everywhere should love their home and our core focus is to continue exploring home furnishing products that reinvent the shopping experience. Our leadership team has shared a passion and developed an expertise for home furnishings for more than a decade, having managed influential brands prior to founding Noa. We’re excited to leverage this very same industry experience to provide consumers with stylish, affordable and functional products that truly set us apart. The Noa mattress is only the beginning.