The 4 Best Beds for 2022

Sleeping well is extremely important for your health. That is why you should carefully choose what kind of bed you will be sleeping on. 

When visiting a furniture store, whether online or in-person, keep in mind that you must count for every detail.  

The best mattress, sheet set, pillows, and everything else you can think of are essential, but if you select the wrong type of bed, that can easily mess up your sleep. 

That is why starting your new year with the best beds for 2022 will definitely make a difference in your lifestyle. So, keep reading and find out the finest models for the new year!

The Venice Bed

Noa Venice bed - Charcoal

Want a charming and yet modern atmosphere in your bedroom? With the Venice bed, you can have that!

Its hand-tufted headboard with modern angled legs gives this model a wholly different proposal that will help you get a pleasant ambiance in your room.

This model features the best upholstery with rich textured fabric and inspirational vibes from Italy’s 1950s and 1960s modernist designs. 

The bed has six support slat legs, suited for queen and king-sized mattresses and a black textured powder-coated finish. Sounds like a dream, don’t you think?

The Oxford Bed

Oxford bed - gold

Adding a touch of drama and still keeping a minimalistic upscaled and casual vibe? The Oxford model combines all of that in its king and queen-sized dimensions! 

Its plush, horizontal channel-tufted headboard helps you have the comfort you might be looking for and creates an excellent vibe to your room.

This six lags model is also tailored in 100% polyester velvet and offers you an array of colours to decide from to match your decor. This allows for fitting many different styles of bedrooms. Great, huh?! 

The Osaka Bed

Osaka bed - grey

However, if you’re seeking a more vintage, sophisticated-looking bed, the Osaka model may be the one for you. 

With thick, upholstered rails that cleanly run across the bed’s length, the Osaka has a shelter headboard expertly hand-tufted to provide comfort and elegance to your room. 

It has a slat-style bed frame, sized in queen and king dimension mattresses, and six support legs. Definitely a good option for your 2022 bedroom decor project! 

The Parker Bed

Parker bed - green

Lastly, if you’re looking for a more high-end kind of vibe, the Parker bed mix velvet, and metal to achieve that!  

While the Oxford model offers you a horizontal channel-tufted headboard that adds a minimalistic vibe to the room. The Parker provides you with a high-end architectural ambiance with a vertical sky-rise channel-tufted headboard made of 100% pillow-cushioned polyester velvet.

Modern and comfortable, available in four colours and sizing in queen and king dimensions, it is the furniture piece that can really stand out in a room. 

Did you make up your mind yet? The best beds for 2022 are here, and you can have any of them! Just pick your favourite, that matches both your wants and needs and start the year with a stylish and comfortable bed! 

And if you want to check other models, be free to navigate through our Beds section here, and remember to come back for more tips!