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HK$2,000 OFF any mattress or bed. Ends October 27.
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Deliveries in Hong Kong

Scheduling your delivery

Our third-party transporter will contact you within 1-2 business days of your purchase (excluding weekends and public holidays) by phone and/or email to schedule a specific delivery date and time window.

Buy now – deliver later

Place your order today and have it delivered at a later date that’s convenient for you. Our transporter will contact you shortly after your purchase is completed; when it does connect with you, simply specify your date / time preference – or TBC date if necessary.

Available delivery dates and times slots are (excluding public holidays):

Monday through Friday: 10am – 12pm / 1pm – 3pm / 4pm – 6pm / 6pm – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 12pm / 1pm – 3pm / 4pm – 6pm

Please note that delivery dates and times are subject to availability. Bookings must be made directly with the transporter at least 2 working days prior to a requested date.

To schedule or change your delivery date, please contact our transporter directly at +65 6744 9888 (Press 1). Changes must be made at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled delivery date and time – otherwise, changes to your delivery date are subject to a re-scheduling fee.

*Please note that in the event that your product is unavailable at the time of purchase, our third-party transporter will contact you immediately once the item is back in stock.

Preparing for your delivery

Prior to receiving your delivery, take the time to measure both your space and review the product’s dimensions, which are available on the item’s respective website page.

*You are responsible for measuring the height and widths of hallways, doorways, entryways, lifts / elevators and staircases, to ensure safe passage for the delivery team. The transporter reserves the right to cancel the delivery at any time should they deem it unsafe, or unable, to complete the delivery.

Delivery procedures

The customer must ensure available and safe access to the site for the delivery team and transportation vehicle (including an available parking area) on the scheduled delivery date and time window.

During the delivery, no alterations to any doors, trims, moldings or other fixtures to accommodate passage to the products will be made. Should products not fit through the necessary passage, the delivery personnel reserves the right to cancel the delivery. Please note that the delivery team will not remove their safety boots.

Customers are responsible for protecting their household (e.g. floors, walls, fixtures, etc.) prior and during delivery.

Inspecting your delivery

The delivery team will not unpack, inspect nor assemble any products nor remove, or dispose of, any debris or packaging materials.

In the event that lifts / elevators are unavailable or nonexistent, our third-party transporter will deliver up to a maximum of two (2) flights of stairs. Each additional flight of stairs is subject to a S$10 fee (per product per floor) to be paid during the delivery to the transporter’s team.

Upon receiving your order and while the delivery personnel remains on the premises, please ensure that you have received all products purchased (quantities, model, size, colour, etc.). It is recommended that you carefully review the proof of delivery document provided by the transporter.

Any issue or incident that may arise during the delivery must be indicated in writing on the proof of delivery before the personnel leaves your home. The third-party transporter will not accept any responsibility for any damage, issue or incident that may arise during the delivery that has not been indicated on the packing slip nor properly documented (e.g. photos, signed note by driver, etc.). Please email us at [email protected] immediately.

Very important

If you notice that your product or its individual components are damaged or defective upon unboxing, please notify us immediately by email at [email protected] within three (3) days of receipt of your delivery.

In order to process an exchange or replacement request (for either a product or part), we will require photos of the damaged product (s) / component(s) before they have been used for assembly. Claims made after three (3) days of receipt of delivery are subject to fees.

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