Work-from-home Setup: 4 Functional Tips for Creating a Productive and Wellness Space

Work-from-home has become one of the most popular work modalities nowadays since the changes we have been experiencing globally for the last two years.

Significant changes such as this one require a ton of adjustments in daily life. One example is the work setup we have to create in the home office configuration to be productive and keep our wellness.

The proper setup can directly influence your productivity and well-being since the lack of the right tools, furniture, equipment, and schedule can affect your work skills.

That said, let’s dive into the best tips to create the perfect working from home setup to increase (or keep) your productivity and wellness!

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Build a Smart and Efficient Workstation

The first step towards a successful remote work routine is to build yourself a functional and smart workstation.

We know it might be tempting to work from your bed or simply get yourself on your sofa and have the TV in your background, but making some effort to create the proper workspace will really pay off in the long term. 

A functional and smart work environment can increase your productivity since you will associate the space with work. It will also benefit your health, as the proper furniture and equipment will prevent you from having back pain, headaches, muscle strains, etc.

Some people won’t be able to create a perfect home office environment at home at once. However, you need at least to set up some basics like:

  • A comfortable chair, since you’ll be sitting the entire day;
  • A proper office desk to have space to work comfortably;
  • A monitor stand or laptop support case to help you align your posture in front of the computer.
  • A notebook and pen to write down essential things, among other items.
The Studio Standing Desk - White

Take Some Healthy Breaks

Breaks are crucial to the working routine. But when you’re working from home, this might be a little confusing to establish. 

When is the proper time to take a break? How long should it take? How many should I do in a day? So many questions can come up. 

The answer, however, is quite simple: do what works for you, but keep a balance. For example, you might not know at first how to define the right time for a break, but eventually, this will become natural. 

So, figure this out on the go, but take them, as they can really help your productivity and wellness during the day.  

Set Your Daily Schedule

Another essential factor in having a balanced, productive, and healthy remote work routine is to set your daily schedule with all the appointments and tasks you should complete.

Defining your work assignments of the day will help you get more organised, enhance your workflow and increase your performance as a whole.

Try to set your appointments at the end of each day and make adjustments during the working hours, if necessary.

Avoid Distractions

Working from home can make you prone to more distractions, especially if you cohabitate with others and don’t have anyone there to supervise your work.

So, when you start your workday, be sure to avoid distractions that can hinder you from being productive and stick to your healthy break moments to enjoy some time off of work.

A work-from-home setup is crucial to well-being and productivity, so don’t hesitate to create one that suits your needs. At adaptation times, putting our health and well-being first is a must.  

Now you know how to create the best work-from-home setup for you. If these tips were helpful, stay tuned to the latest news on our blog!