Pocket Spring Mattress: What Is It and Why Choose It?

If you are searching for bedroom furniture, you might spend a lot of time deciding what kind of mattress to choose. One of the top-rated types is the pocket spring mattress, widely known for its supportive characteristics made of an independent coil system.

If you have been wondering what a pocket spring mattress is, its benefits, and how to choose the one for you, keep following the read to find out!

Pocket Spring Mattress: What Is It?

Pocket spring mattresses are different from open coil ones. That is because they do not move like a whole unit. 

Instead, they have a pocket springs system that works separately to support the person’s body correctly and guarantee firmness, making these the main characteristics of this type of mattress.

Separated wrapped coils systems help reduce the transfer of motion to different areas of your mattress. So this kind of mattress is perfect to avoid roll-together if you have a partner with different body size, for instance. It also helps those who turn during their sleep. 

Far from that, as we mentioned before, they are also known for their comfort. So let’s check some benefits of this kind of mattress. 

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What To Like About a Pocket Spring Mattress

This kind of mattress is trendy for a reason. The firmness and the fact that you don’t need to worry about movement transfer are two of the biggest pros of choosing a pocket spring mattress. Check now how this works! 

Let’s start talking about body support. First, imagine a great sheet set with a beautiful white duvet cover and a comfortable cushion with a lovely pillowcase. Now, think that right when you lie down to sleep, your mattress seems to just sink. And if you try a more firm one, you feel like you lose comfort. It is a terrible scenario, right? So that is why many people choose a pocket spring mattress. 

With a pocket spring mattress, you can have the best of two worlds: full-body support while enjoying a comfortable sleep.

Comfort is guaranteed since they are usually paired with memory foam or latex layers. Its technology ensures a lot of firmness and allows you to move without problem. Pocket spring mattresses also have excellent breathability and durability.

There are also different types, so you can pick one that really fits your style and needs. 

You can count on the pocket springs to work separately, which results in more support. This is different from standard sprung on other mattresses, also known as an open coil spring system. 

With this, you can reduce the risk of waking up feeling pain coming from a pressure point built up while sleeping.