Which mattress size is right for your space?

Choosing the right mattress size may seem absolutely straightforward. There are however several factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress. Afterall, a mattress is a long-term investment and it may be worth considering what your living space may be in two, five or even ten years. We’re here to share as much information to help you make the right decision.

While mattress sizes slightly vary from one country to another, the key dimensions typically provide the same benefits.

The Noa Mattress

Single / twin

Single and twin size mattresses are perfect for solo sleepers of any age – from young kids to adults alike. This mattress size is typically used on bunk beds and will fit in even the smallest of rooms. Single and twin size mattresses are rather narrow and therefore aren’t as comfortable for sleepers who roll or enjoy to stretch away. This size is best suited for those looking for something with a small footprint and a cost effective price point.

Super single / double

The super single / double size, otherwise known in some markets as a full bed, has a practical form factor that will suit most spaces while also providing just enough width for two. This is a good choice for growing kids and guest rooms. We would recommend that couples looking for a mattress consider a queen size which provides significantly more room as a super single / double which may be a little tight. Keep in mind that bed frames and bedding are occasionally harder to come by in this size.


The queen was designed for couples and is a perfect size without the imposing footprint of a king mattress. It’s the right choice for sleeping partners, solo sleepers that love extra room or growing families. The queen size is by far the best selling size in all markets – as a result, bedding products in this size are overwhelmingly available. This mattress size is also great for guest rooms that are frequently used.


King size mattresses are perfect for rooms with extra space and couples that love to both move around and stretch away. Space permitting, this is the choice size for those looking to minimize any sleep disturbance between partners who enjoy lots of room for themselves.

Creating a dream space

In addition to comfort and budget, consider the space available to you and how that may evolve over time. If purchasing a new mattress for an existing bed frame, then the choice for a mattress size is obvious. However, if designing a new room or repurposing an old one, ask yourself how you can create a dream space for the person(s) occupying the room. Who will that person be and how often will it be used?

Mattresses are the most used home furnishing product for nearly any household – the average person using one for an eight hour sleep daily. For that reason alone, think about choosing a size that will serve its user(s) as long as possible in the selected space in your home.

We also recommend allowing free space on both or either side of the mattress for bedside tables. Try to avoid mattress sizes that would keep you from accessing entryways, doors, closets or furniture such as chest of drawers.

Choosing the right mattress size is a decision that you should consider as a long-term investment. In addition to the mattress size, carefully think about about comfort preference, who will use it, how frequently (daily or for a guest room) and how it may be used in the future. Taken together, these factors will surely help you find just the right mattress.