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Our response to Covid-19

*Last update on 19 January 2021

To our global community:

During this extraordinary time, we face an unprecedented challenge which calls upon the very best of our humanity. As we continue to follow the evolving guidance of international and local governments, business operations continue, deliveries are uninterrupted and our team remains entirely available to bring comfort and security to you and your home. Below are some measures we are taking in light of COVID-19 – all of which ensure that your health is our top priority. Wishing you health, safety and comfort.

Your team at Noa Home

Our business and teams are here for you.

Our business remains fully operational with our teams across all countries working safely from home. Orders continue to be fulfilled within the stated lead times on the product pages across our website. There are currently no business interruptions. Occasional delivery delays may in some instances occur. Email us at [email protected], chat with us on or call us by phone. What matters most is making you feel as connected to us as possible.

Deliveries as usual.

Our delivery service remains fully operational. Occasional delivery delays may in some instances occur. In order to ensure the health and safety of our customers, third-party transport providers and the broader community, the following precautions have been taken:

  • Delivery teams are equipped with sanitary products, protective masks and gloves.
  • All deliveries are considered ‘contactless’. Drivers are not allowed to enter the customers premise. They will only be able to deliver to the front door. Customers will be advised of the change of process as the driver approaches. Customers can agree to the front door delivery or have the delivery returned and rescheduled after the restrictions ease.
  • Some multi-tenant buildings are restricting access to non-residents. As a result, our third-party transporters will deliver your order to the closest point to your home that they’re safely able to. In the event that the transporter is unable to complete the delivery due to access restrictions, you will be contacted.

Mattress returns.

Restricted operations across certain areas in Australia have impacted mattress returns. More specifically:

  • In some areas there could be a delay of 3 – 4 weeks for a mattress to be collected due to limited truck availability.
  • Due to reduced hours, local charities may take longer than 48 hours to contact you.  
  • Salvos Stores has implemented Covid-19 protocols when making bookings and doing collections to keep donors and our team members safe. These will continue in line with Government guidelines.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this challenging situation.  As things improve state by state, we will inform you of any changes or updates.

Health and safety precautions.

Our teams and transport partners are implementing health and hygiene practices as recommended by international and local authorities for everyone’s safety. The use of protective equipment, sanitary items and hygiene best practices across warehouses and, during shipping and handling, are currently enforced for the wellbeing of all.